Why would someone want to track my phone?

This is a question that is asked a lot, especially by those who have been spied on. Well, maybe you possess information that is wanted by someone else. If you are involved in business, it could be details about new product development, sales strategies etc. It could also be related to a court case or to find out whether you are involved in an affair.

If you have never spied on anyone, the concept of being spied upon may seem ludicrous and outlandish. However, for some people, spying on others is a way of life and in this mobile and technology age, it is a lot easier than it ever used to be. If your smartphone has been handled by someone else, say during repairs or for some other reason, spyware could have been installed on your device or a backdoor application installed to piggyback your GPS service.

But do not just take our word for it as there is a large, thriving and legitimate industry solely dedicated to spying on others via spy software, some of which is very powerful but not so powerful that you cannot see the clues if you know what you are looking for.

How to tell if your smartphone is being tracked

There are several tell-tale signs that can suggest if your mobile phone is being monitored, tapped, or tracked in some way. While these signs can be quite subtle, they can also be quite glaring when you know what to look out for. Some of these include:

  1. Unusual sounds

If there are distant or static voices, or clicking sounds coming through your cell during conversations, it could be a sign that you are being spied on. This is because such noises are not normal for today’s phones that operate on digital networks and are a thing of the past synonymous with old-style analogue networks. Therefore, if you are always hearing fragmentary noises, they may not be in your head- there is a high possibility that your phone is being tapped.

  1. Phone details activity when not in use

 Is your cell lighting up its screen or making noises when you are not using it? Apart from message alerts and calls, your phone ought to be as silent as a sleeping baby when not in use. Also, does it reboot for no reason at all? If so, someone probably has remote access to your device.

  1. Decreased battery capacity

Another indication of a tapped mobile phone is reduced battery performance. If your cell is bugged, it is most likely recording your activities and transmitting them elsewhere. This leaves a footprint i.e. increased battery usage, and as a result, your battery loses life much faster. A bugged cell phone can also be constantly recording conversations wherever you are, even if it appears to be idle. As a result, its battery life is unlikely to last as long as it used to. You can test this by using your battery on another similar model and comparing the results. If it is using more battery power than a phone of the same software and model, chances are that it is bugged.

  1. Longer time to shut down

Before a cell phone shuts down, it must complete any tasks that are processing. If your cell is transmitting data elsewhere, it will have to complete the process before it goes off. As a result, if your phone takes longer than usual to shut down especially after web browsing, email, text, or call, it could be that it is sending information to a third party.

  1. Receiving unusual texts

Are you receiving strange messages containing random characters, symbols, or numbers? The remote control feature on spy software works by sending secret coded messages to your cell and in some instances, these can be seen if the software is not working correctly. If this is a regular occurrence, you could have a spy app on your cell phone.

  1. Increased data usage 

Some less reliable spy apps are known to use extra data to send information collected from your device, so always be on the lookout for any unexplained increase in your data usage. The best spyware programs have their data usage reduced and will be almost impossible to spot but poor programs often show significant data use.

With all the above signs, you are looking at sudden changes in your cell’s behavior that cannot be explained. While each of these on their own is not necessarily evidence that your phone is bugged, if your device shows signs of several of these, you could be a victim of spying.