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Currently there are only a few select IMSI catchers available on the market.  Below are a list of IMSI catchers including their components and information.

pki industries

PKI ANTI Terrorism Technology


PKI counter terror technology provides some of the best and most reliable information.


With the PKI 1640 you can catch all active UMTS mobile phones in your proximity. All captured data, such as IMSI, IMEI, TMSI will be stored in the data base and are available for further evaluation at any time. A huge range of statistical data analysis methods is possible. With our 3G UMTS IMSI Catcher you can redirect single UMTS mobile phones to specific GSM frequencies, in order to monitor the conversation with our active or passive cellular monitoring systems. Furthermore, the PKI 1640 allows suppression of specifically selected conversations of targeted persons.” Source here.

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intercept monitoring systems

Intercept Monitoring Systems

gsm catcher“The II‐Cat is an advanced IMSI/IMEI catcher system that is designed to detect presence of GSM handsets in the place of interest. As indicated on the image below, the entire system is based on a laptop and a smart compact BTS. The IICat is an active system and as such, it forces GSM phones in its vicinity to register
to it.

System has two basic operation modes:

1. Random (all handsets);
2. IMSI or/and IMEI (only targets).

The system operates invisibly, so that the mobile station subscriber is unable to detect it. The system does not interfere with the external mobile GSM networks. The II‐Cat implements special sophisticated algorithms in order to avoid the need to transmit high power to force GSM phones to make the hand over from the real GSM network to the system’s compact BTS. By utilizing this unique algorithm, even GSM phones located very close to the real BTS and relatively far
away from the II‐Cat will be forced to make a handover into the II‐Cat and by that, system effective range is extended compared to other active solutions.

The II‐Cat supports multiple GSM operators and can be easily upgraded to FULL GSM Interception System (AIBIS).” Source can be found here.


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