Needless to say, few people want someone who watches over their every move. That is why you will be amazed to find out that your mobile phone could be tracking your movements. This is accomplished by using a hidden feature on Android and Apple devices that most smartphone users are unaware of. Buried inside privacy settings, this feature will record your daily routine unless you turn it off.

‘Frequent locations’ is a feature that keeps track of your movements and how long you stay in a particular location. It even knows where you work and live based on the number of times you go and how long you are there. Concerns raised by this feature recently led Apple to vow that it would not share any information that it collected using ‘Frequent locations’ without the user’s consent. They claimed that this tracking software was designed to provide users with personalized services such as predictive traffic routing rather than spying.

While this may be a welcome move, it is till not too reassuring. Fortunately, if you re someone who does not like the idea of being tracked, here are a few things that you can do to turn this prying feature off as follows:

Turning frequent locations off

Granted, Frequent Locations does have its benefits. For instance, it could help locate you in case of an emergency or it could be useful in tracing a lost phone. Still, many smartphone users have expressed concern over the threat of a hacker or thief getting access to this information, including things like your work or home address. If you fall under this category, here are a few steps that you can take to turn it off:

On Android devices

  • Begin by opening the app drawer and go to settings. Thereafter, scroll down and tap on location before again scrolling down to tap on location settings.
  • Next, tap location history and location reporting and switch the slider to off for each.
  • In order to delete your smartphone’s location cache, tap delete location history which is found at the bottom of the screen under location history.
  • Repeat the above process for each Google account that you may have on your Android device.

On Apple devices

  • Start by clicking on settings and go to privacy where you should select location services.
  • Then, scroll down to system services and choose frequent locations where you should be able to see the logged record of all the places that you have been. De-select this so as to turn it off. Alternatively, you could also clear history while here by clicking on the ‘clear history’ tab.

Inbuilt GPS is an essential feature of most modern smartphones, with Google Maps being one of the most downloaded apps on app stores, a must-have feature for getting around and pinpointing your location.

But your smartphone also uses GPS to track your every move and store data relating to your whereabouts every time that you use your device. Which is why it is of paramount importance to know how to turn off cell phone scripts that keep track of your every move e.g. Frequent Locations as laid out above.